Commute across country borders

There are several information services to help you along the way if you cross-border commute or run a company across country borders in the Nordic region.

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Här hittar du flera tjänster som erbjuder bland annat information och rådgivning för dig som gränspendlar eller driver företag över landsgränserna inom Norden. Det är de Nordiska regeringarna som samarbetar för att göra det lättare att röra sig över de nordiska gränserna. De länder som ingår i samarbetet är Danmark, Finland, Island, Norge och Sverige samt Färöarna, Grönland och Åland.

Hello Norden

At Hello Norden you will find information about cross-border work , Swedish society and what to consider when planning a move to Sweden


If you work in Sweden, but live in Denmark, you’ll be in contact with both countries’ systems. Øresunddirekt  provides public information from various authorities to private individuals and has a guide that covers, among other things, the right to healthcare, information about subsidies and grants , and where you should pay taxes.


Grensetjänsten provides guidance to you and your company about cross board activity between Sweden and Norway. Grensetjänsten is a cross-border, cross-agency cooperation between Sweden and Norway which receives and answers questions from individuals and companies who have some type of cross-border activity.

Nordkalottens Gränstjänst

Nordkalottens Gränstjänst advises  to private individuals, companies and organisations  operating across country borders between Finland/Sweden and Finland/Norway.



Choose a guide

Read more about Work


This guide provides an overview of the most important things to know and what you need to consider in order to work in Sweden.
Read more about Running a business

Running a business

This guide provides an overview of the most important things to know and what you need to consider in order to run a business in Sweden.

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